Do you want to order reflectors for children or other reflective gadgets with print? Or maybe you are looking for accessories that will be great for advertising overprints promoting your business? You've come to the right place!

Refloactive Niciak Group deals mainly with the production and distribution of reflective gadgets. Because in the production process we use only the knowledge of experienced professionals and innovative solutions, Refloactive Niciak Group glare meets the expectations of even the most demanding customers! In our assortment you can find a huge selection of high-quality reflective products:
We also offer printed reflections that will support promotional activities of any company, school, kindergarten or organization. Such personalized reflective gadgets will make your message very visible and stand out in the environment. Take advantage of our offer today and become noticeable and recognizable!

3M Certified Reflectors

Odblaski Certyfikowane 3M



Reflective hard pendants

Zawieszki odblaskowe twarde i miękkie

Reflective soft pendants

Zawieszki odblaskowe miękkie

Reflective vests for children

Kamizelki odblaskowe dla dzieci

Reflective vests for adults

Kamizelki odblaskowe dla dorosłych

Reflective slap bands

Samozaciskowe opaski odblaskowe

Velcro reflective bands

Opaski odblaskowe na rzep

Reflective sleeves

Rękawy odblaskowe

Magnetic clips

Klipsy magnetyczne

Reflective stickers

Naklejki odblaskowe

3M Reflective plush toys

Maskotki odblaskowe 3M

Reflective buttons

Buttony odblaskowe

Reflective harness

Szelki odblaskowe

Reflective scarves and caps

Chusty i czapki odblaskowe

Reflective sack and shopping bag

Torby i worki odblaskowe

Reflectors with LED diodes

Odblaski z diodami LED

Reflective leashes

Smycze odblaskowe

Reflective accessories

Akcesoria odblaskowe

Reflective clothing

Odblaskowa odzież

Reflectors for nurseries and kindergartens

Odblaski dla żłobków i przedszkoli

Motorbike vests and accessories

Kamizelki i akcesoria motocyklowe

Accessories for athletes

Akcesoria dla sportowców

Reflective gadgets for animals

PET - odblaski i LEDy dla psów



Reflective pendants 2 type

Wietrzenie magazynu

Road accessories

Akcesoria drogowe

Reflective sets

Zestawy odblaskowe

Advertising gadgets

Gadżety reklamowe

Size tables

Tabele rozmiarów

Printing techniques

Techniki nadruku
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