Elastic reflective bands on velcro 3M

Opaski 3M elastyczne, gumowe na rzep

3M/AGR reflective bands with Velcro - on hand or leg

Opaski odblaskowe zapinane na rzep - z folii certyfikowanej 3M / AGR

PVC reflective bands with Velcro - on hand or leg

Opaski odblaskowe pcv na rzep - na ramię lub nogę

Reflective polyester bands with Velcro - on hand

Opaski odblaskowe poliestrowe na rzep - na ramię

Velcro LED band - 3M

Opaska LED na rzep - 3M

PVC reflective bands with Velcro - HIGH GLOSS - 3M

Opaski odblaskowe pvc na rzep HIGH GLOSS - 3M

Reflective velcro fastened bracelets

The reflective Velcro fastened bracelets available in our offer may be worn on arms and legs both (e.g. at an ankle as narrowing of trouser leg while cycling). The Velcro-type fastening makes it easier to put them on and off quickly as well as ensures a wide range of size adjustment. 
We offer several variants of reflective Velcro fastened bracelets.
The basic classification includes bracelets made from reflective PVC foil and polyester bracelets with reflective film. In this section we have also prepared PREMIUM  class Velcro fastened bracelets ? reflective bracelets made from 3M High Gloss foil ? for independent cutting  to lenght.
The 3M reflective rubber Velcro fastened bracelets in three colors ? also available are articles with a dark base tape, matching to jackets ? for which there is a high demand in this class of product.

Reflective bands with Velcro

3M LED reflective bracelet
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